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Lara and Diana share a common goal and passion… to provide inexpensive, quality business and support services to small and medium sized organizations.  KNOWgenesis, LLC was launched with the intent of teaching companies and individuals “how to fish”.  Following this philosophy, we enable businesses by creating organic, sustainable business models specific to each organization’s capabilities and needs.


Flatrions Boulder, CO

Over 27+ years of knowledge



Multiple Industry Expertise


• Retail and Wholesale

• Healthcare

• Information Technology

• Telecommunications

• Call Centers

• Resort Management

• Higher Education

• Advertising

• Natural Foods and Grocery

• Engineering

• Architecture

• General and Residential


• Property Management

   and Development

• Event Planning and


• Disaster Preparedness



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Diana has been in leadership and executive positions since graduating with her MBA in Finance and Information Systems.  She has had the opportunity to work in many industries in every facet of management, as well as having been a successful entrepreneur herself.  Since Human Resources has been a part of every job description Diana has held, she decided to make it her career, securing her Senior Professional in HR 4 years ago.  She is also well versed in accounting and is a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor.  Diana wants to help business owners acquire the tools they need to be successful at what they do, and consequently relieve the stress of every day entrepreneurship.



Lara’s passions are mentoring, as well as providing leadership and guidance.  She is skilled at identifying and implementing new concepts and opportunities that affect an organization’s goals and objectives. Lara has a Dual Master’s Degree in Management and Computer Resource Information Management, which she has used in both small business and corporate work environments. Lara also has a broad, deep and thorough understanding of the fundamentals and theory of project management. She enjoys sharing this knowledge with those who are looking to learn new skills and want to keep their businesses competitive.



Lara has a broad, deep and thorough understanding of the fundamentals and theory of Project Management and effectively uses her abilities to lead others to use this knowledge to plan, design and implement projects with successful outcomes. Lara has a high level of energy, which she uses to positively influence others and build strong team relationships based on trust and respect. Lara's communication skills are focused on straightforward dialogues, using logic and getting to the point without any hidden agenda. She is value added to any team.


Lara has great knowledge of project and program management. Her willingness to work with customers and solve problems is of great benefit to any organization.


Diana is a strategic HR leader and an expert at rules and regulations. She brings so much expertise to my business and I can always count on her for accurate and helpful information. I highly recommend Diana and KNOWgenesis!


From leading projects and programs to standing up and sustaining an enterprise project portfolio, Lara's expertise in the project management realm is unmatched.  Her well rounded project management skills combine with leadership, communications, mentoring, and process skills to enable her to deliver on time, on budget results time and time again.


I worked with Lara on several high profile mission critical projects. Lara's vision, superb project management skills, along with her tireless dedication helped us through many challenges along the way. Her commitment to deadlines without ever compromising quality contributed to major successes that were applauded throughout the company. Lara is also the most pleasant project manager I have ever worked with in my entire career.



Knowgenesis: [noh·jen-uh-sis] noun.

the production of new knowledge


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